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Serving the Legal Community Since 2002
Serving the legal community since 2002
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    Tennessee Process Services has been operating in Knoxville and the surrounding counties since 2002. We have built a solid reputation as one of Knoxville's most trusted process serving business. We are committed to providing quality service to the legal community and also believe that a good reputation and consistent service will create better longstanding business relationships. Since that time we have created relationships throughout the legal community, both locally and nationally.

    We will make every attempt to accommodate your needs and serve all papers, whether you have one or several, and serve them according to the laws of the state that has jurisdiction or as directed by the attorney. 

    All our fees are based upon a flat fee basis and depend upon the county where the service is to be completed.  Please refer to our Service Area page for a listing of cities and counties served. For all papers sent via email, we do require prepayment through the link below via credit card, and charge an additional fee of $10.00 for anything between 25 and 50 pages. Anything over 50 pages we request those be mailed with the appropriate fee included.

    For service upon Ct Corporation Systems, National Registered Agents and Business Filings Incorporated, located at 300 Montvue Rd., Knoxville, Tn., we offer same day service or next day service for a flat fee of $55.00 for the first defendant with no additional charge for anything under 25 pages. However, your papers would need to be received before 12:00 noon for same day service to allow time for printing and going to their location since they close for business at 3:00 PM. Otherwise it would be the next day service. 

    Additionally, service of process on businesses located in Downtown Knoxville, area codes 37902 and 37929, are a flat fee of $55.00 but we can only assure you that our first attempt would be done on the same or next day, not the actual date of service. As with all services we do require prepayment, which can be made at the link below via credit card, through PayPal, or mailed with the documents.

    All prices given are for one defendant at a single address. Prices may vary for multiple defendants being served, whether they are at the same or different addresses. Please call ahead to discuss your specific needs. 

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