Tennessee Process Services
Serving the Legal Community Since 2002
Serving the legal community since 2002
Selecting Process Servers 
    Since 2002 we have built a solid reputation as one of Knoxville's most trusted process servers. While others may attempt to offer guarantees or low prices to entice perspective clients, doing so only creates situations of cutting corners in order to maximize profits. Tennessee Process Services does not offer nor do they recommend doing business with those who do offer guarantees.  Reality is, the ability to serve papers properly is based upon knowledge as to what is proper service in the jurisdiction where the action is filed and the actions of the party being served. If the person being served is out-of-town, working, evading service or otherwise not at the address when the process server arrives, what actions will the process server resort to when offering a guarantee? The exception to this rule is service upon CT Corporation. With CT Corporation, service is made on the day they are received, otherwise, no later than the next business day.   

    With the cost of gasoline being a process servers biggest expense some have resorted to shortcuts in order to cut cost. Although our fees may not be the cheapest, they are competitive enough to make a profit without breaking your bank. Our prices are calculated based upon the cost of fuel and the amount of time it would take if successful on the first attempt. Additional attempts come at our expense. With over 11 years of experience of serving papers throughout East Tennessee, I know the cost of time and fuel and offer fair rates for your needs. 

    AS AN EXAMPLE, I serve almost all papers myself. Larger companies that employee others to serve papers often find themselves employing people who have very litte experience. The fee they charge the client may be $5 to $10 lower but is split between the company and the server. That lower fee, when split between the company and server, is where the trouble begins.

    All our fees are based upon a flat fee basis and depends upon the county where the service is to be completed with our first attempt usually made within 1 or 2 days after being received. 

    Please be aware that there are some people locally that advertise they are either certified or registered process servers. Tennessee is a state that has no certification or registration process for private process servers. In this state, anyone over the age of 18 and not a party to the case can serve papers. The only exception to this Rule (Rule 4 of the Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure) is Knox County General Sessions Court (small claims court). Due to problems with process servers in the past not serving the papers but returning them to the court as being served, resulting in default judgements against individuals not served, the Judges began requiring all private process servers to register with the court. This requires one to sign an affidavit stating they are not convicted felons and pay a $25.00 fee for a background check. No other actions are required by the process server and this requirement only applies to this court. This also does not apply to the Chancery or Circuit courts, nor any federal court.


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